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Two full livery spaces have become available at Washbrook farm. (NN116RT)

 £225 a week. You will get full use of all the facilities.


  • Facilities include: 75m x 105m KBIS all-weather XC arena including ramps, steps, banks, drops, ditches, and water complex.

  • 80m x 100m all weather, all-purpose arena.

  • 30m x 55m lit indoor arena with waxed surface.

  • 25m x 65m MARTIN COLLINS ENTERPRISES all weather dressage arena.

  • 45m x 65m fully enclosed all weather, all-purpose arena.

  • 30-acre grass XC course with 3 water complexes, ditches, steps, and mounds.

  • Horse walker

For more information, please call 07854335542 or email: astonlewalls.ec@gmail.com



-Aston-le-Walls Unaffiliated Event 22nd October 2022.

-Training day, sunday 23rd october 2022 

To enter visit:  info  https://www.horse-events.co.uk.


winter eventer challenge dates 

-Saturday 12th November 

-Sunday 13th November (schools) 

-Saturday 26th November 

- Sunday 27th November  

- Saturday 17th December  

-Sunday 18th December (schools) 

- Saturday 21st January 

-Sunday 22nd January ( schools) 

-Saturday 18th February  

-Sunday 19th February (schools) 

-Saturday 18th March (champs) 

-Sunday 19th March (schools champs) 


























Times and Results for both BE and Unaffiliated competitions will be on www.eventingscores.co.uk

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Home to the Aston le Walls British Eventing Horse Trials and venue of choice for British Eventing World Class Training 



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